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Come visit us at 412 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013
You can call us at (213) 265-7581

Our Featured Service & Product

Cleaning and Re-Shaping Felts


Have a hat that you would like to have renovated? Maybe cleaned and reshaped? We have the service for you! Our friendly staff can re-shape and clean fur felts. Our services are affordable and you are sure to be pleased with the results.

Authentic Baseball Caps in our Chicago Location


Our Authentic baseball caps are bought from licensed NBL sellers. We are an authorized distributor for the caps and apparel. We carry some stock in the store but if you have a team you don't see, ask us tp get it for you and we will be happy to arrange it. Cowboy Country does not just serve the cowboys in the area, so stop by to see a variety of products for every days use!

Our Featured Brands

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A full line of Fur Felts, Straw Hats, Palm Leaf Hats, Charro Hats, and Clothing!
The Twinstone brand can dress a cowboy from head to toe aside from boots. All of their products are top of the line and are guaranteed to last!

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Levi's have been around for many years and continue to deliver the quality and durability needed for the everyday pair of jeans and the work jeans.
We carry a variety of their styles including the original 501.

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Wrangler clothing is the true Cowboy's wear! Wranglers have what it takes for the tough cowboy jobs. Used and loved by everyone, Wrangler stands one foot above many on the western market.

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Platini Shirts are well crafted and look great! You are sure to be wearing something different and unique where ever you use it.
We continue to bring you various shirts throughout the year so you can always wear something different. You can find your favorite all time style here or a modern twist to that all time favorite. Platini has a great selection of shirts and you can find them at affordable prices with us.

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When it comes to boots, there are many to choose from, but one one is a true diamond among the rest! Red Diamonds Boots have a superb quality and craftsmanship that sets them apart.
When it comes to boots, few can rival Red Diamond, and few can compare. Come see our selection of boots and Charro Boots.

About Us

Welcome to Cowboy Country

We are a local western store in the Chicago, IL area who provides everyone with great quality products at affordable prices.

Before we were Cowboy Country you might remember Sanchez Brothers being in our location. While we continue to serve the same market, we have expanded to also serve those who dress with the modern fashion apparel and headwear. We have a diverse amount of products and work straight with well known providers to find the best deals for our customers.

Stop by to take advantage of our great deals!

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